Thursday, September 4, 2008

Full Review of 's Roulette Sniper Program

A Quick Review of Roulette Sniper version 2.0

The Roulette Wheel offers opportunity

I have been a gambler for roughly 25 years now I would like to think of myself as a professional gambler but as many professional gamblers know you're "luck" is based on the system you're using. I have been working roulette tables for roughly about the last three years I've seen many systems come and go many strategies overcome by new technology that the casinos have put in place. I've heard of many online casinos running into losses at their virtual roulette tables until recently I could never figure out how this could happen.

A friend of mine recently showed me a program called roulette sniper. He is also a gambler like myself however somewhat less experienced than I am. He is a lot more into computers than I am a guess I'm an old timer but I tend to shy away from most computer programs. In fact, I got my first computer about two years ago and it has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust since then. So when Chuck, showed me this program I was very skeptical as you might imagine. However, within about 30 minutes of watching him play online I realized the amount of money that could be made his program. Don't get me wrong, this isn't the answer to all your dreams but it appears to be a damn good system. I've seen many systems come and go over the years but I can't quite figure out what strategy this system is using. Perhaps, they found a new strategy that I don't know about.

Place your bets wisely and you will walk away with a fortune

According to the author of the system he claims the first roulette sniper version 1.0 was released in April 2007 and that his software was the first roulette software to be released on Internet. Whether this is true or not, is irrelevant there are a lot of roulette gambling software available on Internet and I have to say after taking a look at those other programs they don't hold much water. The thing that amazed me was after watching Chuck May $200 in roughly 30 minutes I finally use my computer that was collecting dust to do some research. What I found was many videos of people doing the same thing I'd just seen Chuck do. Some of these videos for over two years old.

I have to admit I was very skeptical at first, however after watching the many videos that are on I figured I might as well give it a try. Apparently, roulette sniper has been around for a while you can tell because of all the videos on you to end the many testimonials on various blogs throughout the net. Before I bought the software, I was amazed by what was written about roulette sniper version 2.0 what amazed me the most was that there was no progressive betting systems, as most people who play roulette routinely know progressive systems can easily wipe out an entire bankroll. Also, it amazed me that you could do custom wagering most of the other systems you will see on the net require a certain pattern of wagers this is because most of the systems relying on martingale or anti--- martingale logic.

However, there are a few downsides to roulette sniper. First, you have to track all of the winning numbers into roulette sniper by clicking on the program although it sounds easy after a couple hours it becomes tedious. Also, you can only wager up to $100 so large bets are out of the question. Finally, even though I have been using the software for a couple of months now I am still unable to determine how the software predicts the winning numbers there is no explanation of the formula or logic the program is using. Lastly, the software obviously can only be used with online casinos -- -- I don't think the casino would let you bring in a laptop with the software installed on it. One more remaining concern is that eventually various online casinos will get around to detecting the heavy losses they face from users of the software, so that means eventually the software will somehow be banned in the future. However for now know online casino has banned the software yet.

Another interesting feature of roulette sniper is the ability to set limits on total wins to help disguise yourself from the casino's security system.

Bottom Line Review:

Pros: this roulette system works, and it works at most online casinos even a the few that are available from the US. It is easy to use after you get used to it and it has a free 60 minute trial.

Cons: You have to constantly click on the program to update the program with the winning numbers from the online casinos, for me this was a little tough because my eyesight isn't the best. The system works -- so eventually the casinos will ban the software or find a way to detect its presence -- so the window of opportunity is limited.

Guarantee: 8 week 100% money back guarantee.

Final analysis: The price is right (recently dropped to $39.95) for the software and it comes with a 8 week 100% money back guarantee. If you are really considering making money on roulette I would use this software quickly and maximize it before the casinos figure out what is going happening. Recommended. Get this Roulette Program.

Check out the videos of this Roulette System in Action.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Review of Visual Roulette System

Visual Roulette system and training

Okay despite our success with the Roulette sniper program I wanted to try this product out because it can offer one thing the Roulette program can't winning in real life. While it is great to make money with online casinos and to be honest its probably the easiest way to gamble, it does lack the thrill of winning at the table in the casino. If you havent won a roulette spin it is an absolute must to expierence before you die. I can only tell you that when I have a good dream it usually has some part of the dream dedicated to winning at the table.

Just Imagine the ability to win consistently at the table surronded by beautiful women and your the center of attention everyone cheering you on as you continue to rack in the money. I have to say that these experiences are the best of my life. Anyway, getting back to the review, the system is based on visual theory -- meaning that by determining the speed of the wheel and the velocity of the ball you can get a feel for where its going to land.

As many of you know I am an old timer in the gambling world and so when I hear these claims my first thought is disbelief. Okay bottom line is that I bought the system and the "toy" -- essentially a vibrating device that helps you account for roulette wheel speed. I took both of these to some old friends of mine in Vegas. According to a buddy of mine that is at a very high level in a world famous casino this works. I triend and I got mixed results, although I have a feeling that with much more training I might be able to get more consistent results. The downside to all this -- the cost. The device is very expensive and depending on what model you get its really pricy. Also the amount of time it takes to master this technique is probably about a month or so, based on my progress so far.

All in all it might be worth it, I plan to keep working at it and see how it goes. I will keep my readers up to date with any developments if I can get this down, but it may be a while.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Roulette System Review

Welcome to Roulette Systems Review

I dedicate this site to all the players I have worked with in the past during the good times where money flowed like water and the tough times when we took on frozen numbers.

Why Roulette?

The best way to answer this is to be there when it all comes together. You are dressed to kill, you walk up to the table you watch the spin a couple of times then place a bet -- usually bigger than what everyone else is placing, and you win. Then, you do this again. Very soon people are gathered around you, smiling and cheering you on, many are beautiful women and you keep winning.

They assume that you are the luckiest man alive but the truth is that you know the numbers you know that odds and you can make this happen all night if you wanted too. After making more money than the average persons monthly paycheck in a few hours you graciously tip the help, pull the best looking woman in the crowd and head out for a night of fun.

It sounds like a dream. For most it will always be a dream, for me I have lived this dream. Don't get me wrong everything doesnt always go as planned and to get to this level you have to put in the research and time, which most aren't willing or capable of doing. However, if you do your homework stay focused you can live this dream.

I decided to make this website for a couple of reasons first I am now retired -- don't look at me with such envy its not as great as you think. If you have a job you love its almost like a punishment, if you have a job you hate then its better than working. Secondly, I still love to go to the tables and win. I guess I always will. Even though I am not a young man, I still remember every win in my life with 100 percent clarity. Enough with the sentimental stuff lets get down to brass tacs and see what see systems are out there today and whether you should spend your time or your bankroll on them.

Martingale / Anti-martingale systems -- Okay these systems have been around forever and the don't work. I can't believe people still use this stuff.
In the Martingale system you increase your bets exponentially every time you you lose. Mathematically you will win in the end. The only problem with this system is that no one I know has infinite money. Furthermore most tables have limits that would stop this system if any really really rich person tried to use it.

Overall Review: This system was first devised in the 17th century and although mathematically sound the system requires the ability to double your bet repeatedly and consumes huge amount of capital during a downturn. Theoretically possible if you are very, very rich and have nothing better to do. Would not recommend it.

Progressive Betting Systems -- These systems are probably the most common systems used by players trying to get out from under the houses "edge." The problem with progressive betting is the amount of money you need during the times where you are taking loses. If you have ever seen anyone playing this system they usually do okay for a while, meaning minor profits then eventually they will catch a cold streak and slowly be bled to death. This type of player will spend all night at the table to earn a very little amount of cash. Depending on the casino and your level of success security might ask you to leave or pull some other distraction to interrupt your 'work' leaving you with a very minor profit and a heavy loss in terms of time.

Overall Review: System is one of the oldest and most used systems, however it requires ever increasing bets and large amounts of capitals along with the ability to take heavy losses. Not recommended.

Roulette Sniper program -- This is a computer program that calculates this odds of the every bet for you. I first heard of this program from a friend I that worked with me in Vegas. I was very surprised that he would use a computer let alone to find him using a computer program and playing at online casinos, I guess times have changed. So I gave this a try. This was my first time to use a program like this and to go to an online casino -- its a long story. I was really surprised this actually works! With in the first 3 hours playing I had make a little over a $1000. Don't get me wrong it isnt the easiest thing in the world to do, at least not for me, those who are more computer savvy will probably do better. For every spin you have to click on the winning number on the program, after I adjusted the position of the program on the screen it made it a lot easier. From what I can tell the program is using multiple systems at once some of then I recognize others I am not sure where they are getting these from, but it works. At the end of the day the most important thing for any system is that it works and works consistently. I will keep you up to date on this system and let you know how it goes. The only downside is that no casino I know of will let you bring in a laptop and let you use it to place your bets, so you are stuck with online casinos. Which are not so bad afterall, and hey its nice to get a check overnighted to you for playing for a couple hours online.

Overall Review: a Winner, Get this one. Also check out the videos of the system in action it really works like this although I am a little slower than the guy in the video.